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Secondary Transportation of MSW
GWMCPL undertake the Secondary Transportation is done through by deploying heavy vehicles for bulk transportation with or without modular Transfer Station by Hook Loaders, Compactors, Mutikap Bulk Carrier etc. to ensure minimum vehicular traffic and transportation of maximum bulk materials shifting per trip.

The loading of smaller primary collection vehicle into secondary collection vehicle is designed to avoid double handling and minimum time requirement. This ensures saving of Fuel cost, maintenance and time by avoiding smaller vehicles to be sent to disposal site directly for unloading.

The vehicles are fitted with GPRS system to ensure tracking of vehicles for its time, position and movement.
Today, the disposal of wastes by land filling or land spreading is the ultimate fate of all solid wastes, whether they are residential wastes collected and transported directly to a landfill site, residual materials from materials recovery facilities (MRFs), residue from the combustion of solid waste, compost, or other substances from various solid waste processing facilities. A modern sanitary landfill is not a dump; it is an engineered facility used for disposing of solid wastes on land without creating nuisances or hazards to public health or safety, such as the breeding of insects and the contamination of ground water.

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