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Secondary Transportation of MSW
Manual Street Sweeping/Drain cleaning
Mechanised Road Sweeping/Beach cleaning
Material recovery facility of MSW
Processing of MSW
Engineered/ Sanitary Landfill site
Integrated Municipal Solid Waste infrastructure
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Urban Infrastructure
Integrated Industrial Infrastructure
Integrated Industrial Waste Infrastructure

GWMCPL undertake the work of Integrated Industrial Waste Infrastructure for building and operating projects with the objective of providing efficient services at affordable cost, the success of PPP is dependent on a fair, transparent and competitive environment coupled with a sound policy and legal framework in the following areas;

  • internal roads,
  • drainage,
  • water supply,
  • waste water,
  • municipal solid waste,
  • industrial solid waste,
  • parking,
  • horticulture, landscaping greenery and green spaces
  • street lighting, etc
GWMCPL provide to Design, Plan, Develop, Finance, Construct, Administer, Manage, Operate and Maintain the project during concession period in an understanding to ;
  • carry out all capital work to be done in phases .
  • procure appropriate proprietary rights, licenses and permissions for materials, methods and processes.
  • to get all design approved for TPE.
  • to attend to the observation of TPE.
  • To ensure completion of mandatory capital project within the specified period.
  • To pay all taxes/ duties
  • To provide reasonable assistance to authority
  • To take care of Hazardous waste disposal.

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