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The company aims towards recycles bio-degradable and non bio-degradable , it saves the society and nature from environmental degradation. Apart from this it is Company’s sincere endeavor in striving for an Integrated Municipal Solid Waste projects for effective RECYCLE-REDUCE-REUSE-RENEWABLE concept and for maintaining environments sustainability.

The Company along with the subsidiaries have achieved a sales of around 400 million INR, company decided to focus more on a few specific areas not covered yet to build a niche market for itself.

Future business :

 Waste to Energy from MSW
 Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Infrastructure
 Construction debris processing
 Urban Infrastructure
 Integrated Industrial Waste Infrastructure

Marketing & Project development : The Company has a high reputation in the market and having more than 25 years of service in the field of Solid Waste and it does not need to market its services vigorously, as entire services are booked for long period in advance. The same is headed by Mr. Jamnalal N. Jain & Mr. Kamlesh J. Jain.

Administration: The General Administration of the company is headed by Mr. Vipul J.Jain

New project operation /technology development: The division is headed by Mr.Pramod Mishra

Finance and Resources: The division is headed by Mr.Rajkumar J. Jain

Accounts: Mr. Dharmesh Gandhi/ Mr.H.Khandelwal(Managers)

Operations: Mr. Suneel Lokapure

Technical Consultancy : Mr.M.Y.Chikhale

Corporate Planning and Strategy: All Directors are actively involved in day to day operation of the business and have indepth knowledge in legal and business administration areas. Mr. Jamnalal N. Jain, the founder director of the Company has immense knowledge of more than 25 years of MSW handling business and Mr. Pramod Mishra is having 25 years of experience in special equipment for MSW manufacturing, selling and servicing .

No. of workforce:

Managerial = 10
Supervisory = 15
Semi skilled = 70
Unskilled = 1500


Global Waste Management Cell Pvt. Ltd.

Regd. Office

20/21. 1st floor,10 Atul Niwas,
7th Khetwadi Lane, Mumbai - 400004.